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Stationery Guide

Stationery is a crucial item to have in your home. Stationery consists of writing paper, writing utensils, and organizers. When looking for stationery, it is important to consider if you want the stationery to come in a matched set or not. This may also depend on whether you are looking for stationery for yourself or for a gift. Stationery can be a thoughtful gift for multiple occasions.

What is Stationery?

Stationery can include paper in the form of cards, notepads, notebooks, and pictures for both work and personal purposes. Notepads are helpful in staying organized and writing to do lists. Paperweights are a common gift to display on a desk at work or at work. Jewish themed paperweights may come in the form of the Ten Commandments tablets.

Desk organizers are also helpful stationery items for someone who likes to keep their papers organized. These paper items can be personalized for an especially thoughtful gift to a loved one. Stationery can include pens in the form of personalized sophisticated pens or pens with pull out paper leaflets.


Stationery items can be made out of a variety of materials. More simple items are made of paper but desk organizers are often made of wood and paperweights in glass. Bookmarks can be made of embroidered fabric and serve as a lovely gift.


Stationery products are often decorated with fun floral designs. Jewish stationery items are designed with Jewish symbols, such as a pomegranate or Jerusalem scene. Peacock and other bird drawings are also popular images for notepads and notebooks.

For More Information

For more information about Stationery or other Judaica items, feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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