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Figurines Guide

Judaica art takes numerous forms, ranging from ceremonial objects such as Kiddush cups, washing cups and Mezuzahs to more obscure items such as miniatures and Kabbalah Jewelry. One interesting type of Judaica item that is decorative in nature is a colorful figurine.

What are Figurines?

Figurines are miniature statues of people. In terms of Judaica art, the terms refer to figurines that are shaped to look like Hassidic Jews, children, grandparents or Israeli soldiers, although they may also feature the Temple, Western Wall, Jerusalem or animals such as cats and dogs.


Figurines can be made of a wide range of materials although they are usually made of Polyresin, glass and metals such as pewter and nickel. Ceramic and cloth are seldom used, mainly due to their fragile nature. Precious metals such as silver and gold are also seldom used for the same reason.


Figurines can be any shape or design even though the vast majority of them are people. Some of the most common depictions of people include Hassidic Jews dancing or playing a music instrument such as a fiddle or flute on a roof top. Other images include Israeli soldiers waving a flag, praying by the Western Wall, a man dancing with a bottle on his head in the spirit of the rejoicing that takes place on purim or a child playing a musical instrument.

Some figurines may also depict important figures from the Torah, such as the High Priest or Moses. These figurines typically are made from silver and are extremely detailed. Depictions of Moses usually feature the greatest prophet in Judaism holding the Luchot, or the Tablets that were given on Mount Sinai.

Non-human figurines typically feature Judaica items, specifically those used on Shabbat and holidays, such as a Kiddush Cup and Candlesticks. Other items and objects such as Jerusalem, the Temple, Menorahs and a Shofar are also popular. In terms of non-Judaica items, animals that figure prominently in Judaism such as lions, sheep are popular, although other animals such as cats and dogs are also common figurines.


Colorful figures feature a metal plaque at the bottom that is engraved with text. The text can be personal and feature an engraved name or a word such as “Jerusalem.”

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